STICKANDTISSUE.COM is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of the stick and tissue method of model airplane construction. We are committed to creating an educational organization where a variety of persons and perspectives are welcome. We are committed to providing an environment where model airplane builders from all experience levels may succeed and enjoy our hobby. We welcome all enthusiasts spanning the disciplines of rubber, gas, and electric free flight, as well as u-control and remote control stick and tissue construction.


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  • Foamy Pusher Jets
  • Machine-Cut Classic, WWI, WWII, Sport, Vintage Kits, Peanut to Large-Scale
  • Balsa Kits, Sport, Trainers, Gliders
  • Laser-Cut Short Kits, WWI, Golden Age
  • Laser-Cut WWI Model Kits, 1/12th and 1/16 Scale, 16" to 30" Wingspan
  • EPP Flat Foam 3D + Vintage Models
  • Laser-Cut Scale Models, WWI
  • Old Timer and Classic Kits, Some Pre-Cut, Some Printwood. UK
  • Depron Foam Pusher Jet Kits
  • Balsa kits Dirty Birdy, Kaos, Krafty, Vagabond. Machine-cut balsa
  • Old Timer, Control Line, Free Flight
  • Scale Float and Seaplanes
  • Laser-Cut Balsa Kits, Scale, Warbird, Gliders, Old timers, Sport
  • Dave Deils Models, Peanut + 1/24th Scale, WWI + WWI, Stick and Tissue
  • WWI Laser-Cut Kits, 16" - 22" W.S.
  • Laser-Cut Balsa Kits, WWI, WWII, Golden Age, Civilian, Modern. 17"-30" W.S.
  • Balsa TRainers, Giant Scale, Gliders
  • Vintage And Nostalgia R/C Kits
  • Control Line, Free Flight Balsa Kits
  • Micro P-51 Mustang, Quick-E Micro Pylon Racer, 100" Hughes H-1 Spruce Goose Kits
  • 1/3rd + 1/4 Scale WWI Kits
  • Aviat "Husky", Saab j-21, Laser-Cut
  • WWI, WWII, Golden Age, Print-Wood, 20"-30" W.S.
  • Foamy Kits With or Without Power Packages
  • Electric, Glow, Glider Kits
  • Stick + Tissue Balsa Kits
  • Laser-Cut Kits, Rich Ultravich, Nick Ziroli. Sport-Scale, Aerobatic, Seaplanes, Military
  • Balsa Kits, WWII, Civilian, Scale, Sport, Gliders
  • All-Balsa Sport, Semi Scale, Trainers, Aerobatic
  • Vintage + Old Timer Short Kits, Plans. Classic Gas, Rubber, Scale Designs
  • Laser-Cut Balsa Kits
  • Laser Balsa + Foam Models, WWII, EDF, Power-Slope, Gliders, combat
  • Laser-Cut Kits, Electric, Gliders, DLG
  • Short Kits Only. Many designs from M.A.N., RCM, Nick Ziroli, Gus Morfis
  • Laser-Cut Short Kits, WWI, WWII, Golden Age, Civilian. 25"-60" W.S.
  • Old Timer Kits
  • Laser-Cut Short Kits, WWI, WWII, Golden Age. Stick + Tissue
  • Laser-Cut "Park" Scale Models. Commercial, General Aviation, Golden Age, Micro. Float Kits
  • Free Flight, Control Line, R/C, Old Timers
  • WWI, WWII and Civilian Aircraft, Large Scale Models. Laser and Hand-Cut
  • Laser-Cut Short Kits. EDF, WWII Twin Motor, Lockheed Connie
  • Large-Scale WWI Kits
  • Old Timers
  • WWI Laser-Cut Stick + Tissue Models, 18"-27" W.S.
  • Laser Balsa + Foam, WWII
  • Large Scale Kits, WWI, WWII, Jets, Military, Civilian
  • Old Timer Kits
  • Laser-Cut Kits, Scale, Aerobatic, Park, Indoor, Trainers, Short Kits
  • R/C, Control Line, Free Flight Kits, Balsa
  • Laser-Cut Short Kits, WWII
  • Laser-Cut Scale, S.A.M. and Vintage, Sailplanes, EPP Sailplanes
  • Large Scale Warbird and Civilian Balsa Kits
  • Several Glow/Electric Civilian Designs, Laser-Cut
  • Laser-Cut Kits, WWI, WWII
  • lazer-works.com
  • Laser-Cut Balsa, Warbirds
  • Warplanes, Civilian, Sport, Sailplanes
  • Large-Scale WWII, Laser-Cut Kits and Short Kits

    Plans, 3-Views, References

  • Plans For Comet Kits, Free
  • Sailplanes, Sport, Scale, , Pylon, Free Flight, Control Line
  • 3-Views, WWI, WWII, Jets, Civilian
  • ZIP files, free downloads, mostly WWII
  • RC Free
  • 3-Views. Free Modern Planes
  • 3-Views, Free WW2 Planes/
  • 3-Views, Free WW1 Planes/
  • Classic, Old Timer, Vintage Plans
  • Scale 3-views and documentation
  • Plans from Flying Models
  • Plans For Competition Gliders, HLG, DLG, Mosquito, 2M, 3M, RES, Free
  • Plans, Aircraft from the 1930's + 1940's
  • List of plans from ClassicAirplane Mode
  • Plans from the Cleveland line of kits, WW!. WW11, some jets, civilian
  • Australian Free Flight Plans
  • Dave Deils Models, Peanut + 1/24th Scale
  • Plans for Park and Small Electric Models
  • Hundreds of Plans, All Types. Low Prices
  • BluCore Foamie Plans, Free
  • Multi Motor Flying Boats. Plans
  • Small-Scale Rubber Power Models, Racers, Warbirds, More. Free
  • Small Electrics, Free
  • CAD Downloads, Free
  • 400+ Books, Model and Full-Size Aviation
  • 3-Views, Free
  • Links for Plans, Inddor + Small Scale
  • Plans for JART Slope glider
  • Plans for Jetex models
  • Classic, Vintage, Nostalgia Free Flight Plans, Short Kits available
  • Scale 3-Views, Free
  • Nieuport 3-views, references
  • Plans from the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Model Aviation, John Pond
  • Polish WWI + WWII 3-views, Photos. Thanks to Degreen60
  • CAD Plan Sets, WWI, Civilian Bipes, Sport Models. CAD Services
  • Plans for ACE kits
  • Plans from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
  • LInks to more than a dozen sites for plans
  • Vintage and Nostalgia
  • Plans for WWI, WWII, Golden Age models, Stick + Tissue. Some Short Kits
  • Free Plans, Mostly WWII
  • Foam Jets, EDFs. Free Plans
  • Peanut and small-scale model plans
  • WWII Twin Motor, EDF, Lockheed Constellation
  • Hundreds of 3-views and plans, free
  • Plans For foamy ParkJets, Free
  • Free Plans
  • "Links To Free Plans" Page, RC Groups
  • Plans from Radio Control Modeler
  • Plans from Model Airplane News
  • rcmodell.hu
  • Hundreds of 3-views, free
  • Links to 3-Views, Plans, Books, Magazines
  • Free, Mostly small rubber scale models. Civilian, Golden Age, military
  • Click on Blueprints
  • Free Plans
  • WWII Plans T & D Plans Sales; See Classic Airplane Models
  • Plans from Comet, Jasco, Sterling, Jetco, Berkeley Kits
  • Plans for WWI, WWII, Jets, Civilian, Scale, Aerobatic. Free
  • Plans for balsa sport-scale Jets, most with pusher prop system. Some balsa Pylon racers
  • Free Plans
  • Plans from Aeromodeler, Scale Aircraft
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